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biggest plot twist in cinematic history

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Mutant. He can walk on his toes too and run

I done my first real telephone interview with a real life journalist today which is what i am studying (journalism) and it went really well i think and it was terrifying and my dog kept chewing my pen and my paper with my questions on and grunting like a dinosaur and she might have ruined it all but its ok because she didnt and all is fine and i had fish and leaves for tea with peppers and cucumber so that was nice and i have a sore spacey head like im not in my body but once i get my meds in a couple days i will be fine and well and i miss my boyfriend and i have an idea for a book i want to start writing and now im watching adventure time then i will watch more buffy and be sad that angel goes bad when he goes bad and i just want drusilla to die already cause shes a butt and i used to fancy spike the most but now im not sure cause i dont like bleached hair on men anymore and i like angel more and i sort of fancy xander and he is such not even hot and urgh buffy is my life and i wouldnt be half the person i am today without that show cause im obsessed with it but watching it over again is something i put off but then i gave in and i have so much feels and emotions and want to only sleep and then watch it while snacking and not have to go to work or college or life 

the most beautiful women in the world are anjelica houston, jessica lange and keira knightley

oh and megan fox and me obvz cause im a major cutie and i just want to be loved :( 



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